Why can't fathers list art with you? Couldn't you call the site 'Art in Parenthood'? Isn't this a bit discriminatory?

We at Art in Motherhood value equality. We acknowledge the need to be inclusive and we believe in championing the rights of both men and women. Nevertheless, we have chosen to be a niche marketplace for artists in residence in motherhood for a good reason, possibly even a great reason.

This site was created in good spirit, in response to a growing movement of women who were creating art during the early months of parenthood. Our aim is to provide a safe space and a warm community. Our goal is to minimise the sense of loneliness and frustration many women feel when they've just had a new baby, and to give artists in residence in motherhood an opportunity to create something meaningful - other than life! We hope to minimise social isolation and potentially provide a revenue stream for new mothers.

Also, in the very early stages of a child's life, the differences between a father and a mother are acute. Until science allows men to carry a child, it is the woman who must fall pregnant, give birth and, if she choses, breastfeed. Thus, there are aspects of parenthood that are unique to women. This is a place that celebrates those unique experiences and we hope you can celebrate them too!

For collectors

Can I return my artwork?

Yes! We offer free returns up to 7 days from the date of delivery, no questions asked.

If you'd like to return a piece, pack it up in its original packaging or repackage it securely yourself. Contacts us to organise a courier pick-up time. We will send shipping labels to put on the packaging and will ensure the artwork is picked up between 9am and 5pm on a weekday. 

We will process your refund as soon as the artwork is safely back at its original home. We're also happy to convert the funds into credit that doesn't expire. Let us know what's best for you and we'll take it from there.

Can I have my artwork delivered to a post office box?

Unfortunately, no. Firstly, most artworks simply will not fit in a PO box! Secondly, we cherish these artworks like babies and want to make sure they get to their destination, safely. Some alternatives including delivering to your workplace, or to a friend or parent's place.

For artists

How can I list my art with you?

We would love you to list your art with us! Please visit the sell art page for more information.

Do you sell anything other than paintings and drawings?

Yes, we'll sell just about anything as long as it's safe and hygienic (no human hair, for example). The only thing to consider is shipping. If you can ship it safely, we would love to sell your work. 

Please visit the sell art page for more information about how we work.