About Us

Art in Motherhood is a global marketplace that connects collectors, art lovers and interior designers with emerging and established artists working in residence, in motherhood. By buying original paintings, drawings and limited edition prints straight from the artist's studio, you support mothers all around the world.

The easiest way to support mothers

We give 2% of every sale to Every Mother Counts.
Every Mother Counts is a charity committed to ending preventable deaths in childbirth by training midwives, setting up clinics in rural and developing communities, and providing prenatal, postnatal and newborn care to women in need.
By buying from us you support mothers all over the world – not just by collecting art by mothers, or giving the gift of art to mothers, but also by supporting a great charity dedicated to mothers.

Sacred art 

Art in Motherhood is an exploration of the goddess in every woman.

It is about the conflict of parenthood -  the sense of wonderment when a child enters the world and the grief associated with losing an old way of life. It is about discovering a profound and selfless love, and learning ways to express and rediscover oneself. It is about hope, happiness and joy but also fear, loneliness and doubt.

Most of all, Art in Motherhood is about creation.

We invite you to join the celebration of motherhood and add a truly unique masterpiece to your collection.

Free returns up to 7 days

Art is subjective, we get that. So, in case you fall out of love with your new masterpiece, we give you seven days to return it, no questions asked. We'll even organise return shipping free of charge and give you a full refund.

Meet the Leadership Team

Susie Mander
Founder and artist in residence in motherhood
Pictured with her daughter, Bean, born 2014
Scott Middleton
Technical Advisor
CEO of Terem Technologies
Pictured setting up a cot for his son, Moo, born 2016